How it All Started

I was offered a possible slot as a magician in a multi magician magic show. I use the name “Manhattan Magician” at But have come to realize that just having a blog called “Manhattan Magician” on its own is not a concept that stands out enough. Don’t worry, Manhattan Magician will continue to live, but with a possible new persona as well. I need to do something that is different.

It’s All About You (As it Should Be)

My new name is “Web Design Magician.” I know it sounds a bit strange and self promotional but Web Design Magician is the stage name I am likely going to employ when it comes to performing for audiences. As Web Design Magician I do a Web Design Magic Show that brings out your magic within! And as far as magic goes, I feel it is a step in the right direction when our magic is also teaching a lesson in growing up.  Magic Neighbors looks into this a bit this month.

Strong on Audience Participation

But what does the term “Web Design Magic Show” mean and how am I going to use it to bring out the magic you have within? One way that I plan, as Web Design Magician, to you empower your “Inner Magic,” is through doing very audience participation based performances in which I will explore with spectators their own wins and loses with the marketing process online.

Bringing Out Your Magic Within

We will look into bringing out the magic in you through magic tricks born of the “Web Marketing World.” This means entering the adventure of looking not only your current experience with websites, both your own and others, but finding magic ways to make you happier with that experience as well as get better results. You may discover in the process that who you thought was your audience is not.

The Mind Has It

A magician can be defined as “One skilled in magic who performs tricks of illusion and sleight of hand.” The magic we perform however will not only be geared toward magical website solutions but will also be of “The Mind.” Yes, that’s right, the mind!

Web Design and Tactics

The act will be promoted as Web Design Magician.” Since both magic and web design utilize psychology and creativity, we consider them to both be art forms. Web Design isn’t just about web designing though, it is also about designing marketing and promotional campaigns that contain tactics and strategies.

Doing DIY Differently

In the web design domain (pardon the pun), Web Design Magician differentiates himself from other DIY (Do It Yourself) services such as Wix, Square Space and Godaddy. Unlike these services, the Web Design Magician crew not only helps you make your website, but they offer you a full range of digital marketing products and services.

A Magic Act and Web Design Organization?

Other DIY organizations do not offer such products and services and certainly not the comprehensive and customized way that Web Design Magician intends to do. Is it possible to be both a magic act and web design organization at the same time?

Bringing Out Your Magic Within

So you see, it is a new direction not only in magic performance but also in the realm of providing design and marketing in a unique manner. Bottom line, Web Design Magician wants to be your choice when you promote yourself and to help you bring out your magic within while doing so! That’s at least a possible plan. We’ll see!