Magic in Manhattan

Manhattan the Big Apple has a long relationship with the art of magic and its special connection with Broadway, Off Broadway, Off-Off Broadway and even Off-Off-Off Broadway Shows in all kinds of configurations. Some productions featuring a particular conjurer, others consisting of stories, plays or musicals written about magic, sometimes even a group effort featuring […]

Your Magic Vision

Do you want to make your magic vision a reality? Do you have a conjuring goal you desire to achieve such as turn professional as a magician, or open a magic store, or take on the job of being a magic distributor, or write a book on magic, or produce a group magic show series, […]

Magic Numbers: Manhattan Magician Asks How Many People Does it Take to Make a Community?

The Concept of Community Through History “How many people does it take to make a community?” The idea of community has been central to human society since time immemorial. Ancient tribes and villages formed the earliest communities, bound by shared locations, traditions, and survival needs. The ancient Greeks had their polis, and the Romans had […]

Manhattan Magician: a Testament to the Transformative Power of AI in Marketing

The “Manhattan Magician” stage of the AI Audience Understanding Quest builds upon the lessons learned from the “Manhattan Coronavirus” phase, focusing on the implementation of AI in enhancing the magic of marketing. Drawing on the resilience and adaptability acquired from facing challenges, businesses can now leverage AI’s capabilities to provide a seamless and magical customer […]

Making Magic Real in Manhattan: AI and the Power of Storytelling

Although we have “magically” made our way into Manhattan Magician’s site, we are not making fun of him with the above graphic because it is not making reference to Manhattan Magician at all. It is about a different magicpreneur. This is a, figuratively speaking, an entity that is part AI (Artificial Intelligence) and part human. […]

Is AI Magic and What Does Incentivizing an Audience Have to Do with Anything?

I am Not Manhattan Magician Most of the Time Except When Incentivizing an Audience! The part human and part AI entity known as the “Ask AI Guy” is working on today’s short digital book that was discussed earlier at the Manhattan Coronavirus site. I bring this up because the “Ask AI Guy” is pretty much […]

Secrets No Longer Secrets?

Is a Secret being Secret Important? Looking for an audience? Want to give your business that extra “Magic?” Manhattan Magician has some ideas about the link of magic to marketing that could be helpful for you. Magicians who take their art seriously, adhere to the code of not revealing their secrets. For many centuries this […]