Making Things Float

Different Goals

These days when I make things float I do so more as a mentalist. A mentalist is a magician who reads minds. In fact, I don’t really call myself a magician anymore. I self identify as a hobbyist  performer who writes eBooks on mentalism and marketing. These are both topics that interest me greatly. They even intersect at some points. For example, marketing involves psychology as does mentalism but the goals are different.

Entertainment Entrepreneurship

One of the aims of marketing is to use psychology to target an audience and convert  prospects into a customer. While a mentalist’s goal is to to use psychology to entertain and baffle an audience.  Both mentalists and marketers have an audience, but have different agendas in regards to their audience. A mentalist wants to entertain you, while a marketer desires to sell to you. A combination of the two is what some call Entertainment Entrepreneurship.

Entertainment Entrepreneurship

I’ve mostly survived over the years as being an entertainment entrepreneur.