City Magic in an Ongoing Venue Gig

It should be said that there is an entire kind of magic in which you stay in one place, like New York City or Las Vegas, and the fans and public come to your place of performance. It has always been challenging to get your foot in the door to get your own show in a Vegas venue, but thanks to COVID and other influences, it has gotten even tougher.

Big Problems with No Easy Solution

We of course just had and continue to experience the downside of the Pandemic. When it was hitting its hardest, it was negatively affecting the careers of those in Las Vegas as well as in other places where live magic is performed. And this means even top performers faced big problems because of lack of tourists spending money thereby causing an audience member shortage.

You Need an Audience

I included this to illustrate that if the already famous had it tough at a certain point of not being able to perform, is it completely absurd that you should even try? Fame does make the process of having your own unique location in a large city, easier. You will get more bookings and residencies as a familiar face because those giving you the job know you already have your own fans, your own dependable spectators.

Qualities You Have to Have

Okay then, let us say you are not famous. Do you have a chance at getting your own venue in Vegas? It is possible, though unlikely that it can be accomplished. Here are some qualities you must have. Likeability. Effective way of chatting and engaging others.

Introverts Could Lose Out Again

Therefore, this kind of thing can be tougher for the introverted. Experience. You need to have a record of performing. For some this meant playing at colleges and universities all over the country. For others it is TV fame. At the very least, it is knowing how present that you qualify and are a winner.

Uh Oh, it’s that Darn Catch Twenty-Two Thing

It is the old catch twenty-two. They want you to be famous or highly known for you to get the gig, but how do you become known as accomplished without opportunities like the one you are trying to obtain.

Times Have Changed Things

Times have changed. In many aspects of the entertainment industry things are done differently. You do not just get everything on a silver platter. You need to be a MagicPreneur who knows how to gather investors as well as those needed to make the opportunity happen once you get the green light. Why? Because those holding the keys to the venue, now expect you to have a completely ready to go show to even consider you.

Say Goodbye to them Producing Your Show, You Must Do It Yourself

You must deliver your complete show. Owners and bookers are not going to pay for your performance needs any longer. They want it to be easier for them. And they can enforce these rules because they are in the position to make demands due to the fact there is such heavy competition from performers for a very small and limited amount of desirable performance locations.

Oh, but wait, there’s More

Not only will they no longer pay for putting your show together, they also want you to pay for their arena. But not just that. They must be convinced that you are going to bring in crowds of people on a regular basis. This is in part because they of concessions and other things they sell and want a crowd of customers. People to pay for drinks. For food and so on. That is why you must be a MagicPrenuer and Marketer Magician with rich friends.

Maybe Being an Inventor and Manufacturer of Effects is a Better Fit?

Another area of magic you can tap into is to invent, create and distribute magic and mentalism effects. Again, you need talent and originality as well having confidence and a record to point to when offering your items to magic shops whether it be in-person, online or both. Like anything magic, you will do best with a track record of success. The sales of effects are increasingly becoming a web centered activity.

Magic Effects Creator Possible Hop from One Identity to Another

It should be mentioned that you can of course leverage anything magic oriented that you are currently doing or have done with some degree of provable success. A magic entertainer or author are both hats that if you wore them in the past, this could make the trip to being a Magic Effects Creator easier.

But in the End, nothing is Easy

It can be frustrating trying to gain traction as a Magic Effects Creator. One way some have succeeded is getting testimonials from known magicians or other visible members of the magic community to use your effect and make a positive comment about your magic trick. The same works for mentalism also of course. It is going to take rolling up those magic sleeves and putting your elbow grease to work.

Magic Effects Creator

Also important is that there are generally two ways of looking at how to use your creations as a Magic Effects Creator. You can either feature your effect in a book or single effect PDF on a magic book site and other forms of printed distribution, or you can broker your effect being made into, and sold as, an actual physical magic or mentalism effect. The latter brings up additional issues such as where will your effects be available and how can they be purchased and delivered? Like anything, the more quality calls you make, and emails sent, the closer you will be to your goals as a Magic Effects Creator.