Opening Act

A problem that my pal Marketer Magician has is reigning in the use of illusion sometimes to make himself look better in the eyes of the women he dates. Thankfully I. Manhattan Magician, does not have that problem, at least not at the level Marketer Magician does. I admit to using a bit of illusion sometimes in the beginning of a relationship, but it is quickly relegated to being a trick deconstructed in full disclosure. This reveals whether the woman being dated is worthy of further pursuit.

Attraction and the Truth

Everyone has a different way of pursuing love. And the meaning of love for some is attraction and for others, truth. The trick (pardon the pun) is to bring together both attraction and truth. And the trick that is the goal, is to bring about attraction fueled by the truth! This is not an easy accomplishment for many because we live in an external world where attractiveness has a price. Therefore if you seek out to be attracted to the truth in someone, your chances of having a successful relationship increases.

What has Been Your Fate?

Manhattan Magician has done a bit better than Marketer Magician over the course of time, that is if you consider having a relationship based on the truth as being better than wielding illusion as a fishing line. Manhattan Magician is having a long term relationship, already almost 7 times longer in years than that of relationships he had prior. Although relationships building up to this point had flaws, each one was a part of an evolutionary process, falling back on occasion, but a steady path. Marketer Magician on the other hand still goes to speed dating events.