Manhattan Magician’s List of 5 Manhattan Magicians Who All Perform in, Where else, Manhattan, NY, New York City, The Big Apple, NYC, also known as The City that Never Sleeps.

Introducing our 5 magicians including (top row) 1. Steve Cohen, 2. Dan White, 3. Madeleine The Magician as well as (bottom row) 4. Brian McGovern, 5. Gary Ferrar plus the hat of the founder of this blog who is known only as "Manhattan Magician."
Introducing our 5 magicians including (top row) 1. Steve Cohen, 2. Dan White, 3. Madeleine The Magician as well as (bottom row) 4. Brian McGovern, 5. Gary Ferrar plus the hat of the founder of this blog who is known only as “Manhattan Magician.”

The Manhattan Magician Mission

What do all 5 of this week’s magical entertainers have in common? They’re all Manhattan Magicians of course, who perform in Manhattan, NY, New York City, The Big Apple, NYC, also known as The City that Never Sleeps.

Our mission at the Manhattan Magician blog is to celebrate and ruminate about Manhattan Magicians, primarily those who live or perform in Manhattan, NY. But needless to say, magicians from all over the country and even the world are welcome as well. Are you a Manhattan Magician? We’d love to hear from you. You can reach us via our mystical contact page found here.

In this post we feature magicians including Steve Cohen, Dan White, Madeleine The Magician, Brian McGovern and Gary Ferrar all of whom perform in New York City. So without further ado here they are, 5 performers who do legerdemain in The Big Apple, NYC:

1. Steve Cohen

Steve Cohen of “Magic Chamber” is a wonderful Manhattan Magician. He brings you miracles up close. On his website his unique performance approach is detailed as the following: “Chamber Magic®, Steve Cohen’s dazzling live show, performed weekly in an elegant salon in the Lotte New York Palace hotel, features conjuring, mind-reading, sleight of hand, and an astonishing trick called Think-A-Drink. A celebrity favorite, Cohen baffles his guests with magic up close as he recreates parlor entertainment that characterized Manhattan in the early 20th century.”

2. Dan White

Dan White is our second Manhattan Magician. Jimmy Fallon has called this conjurer’s act “Unforgettable.” The NoMad, in collaboration with theory11, presents THE MAGICIAN, an intimate evening of magic, mystery, and deception, starring Dan White. Every Weekend.Recommended for ages 18 and up. Dan is a creator, consultant, and performer. Over the past 20 years, he’s created magic on stage and screen around the world — with frequent collaborations with David Copperfield, Kanye West, and theory11.

3. Madeleine The Magician

Madeleine The Magician in her bio on her website talks about how ever since she can remember, she wanted to perform for anyone who would watch. Her Mom, who was her biggest fan and consummate supporter, subtly gave her the confidence she needed. So it would stand to reason that when she was on her own, she would give up the idea of becoming a doctor in order to become a starving actress. So there she was following her desire and performing here and there when her agent called and gave her the opportunity to work for 3 weeks as a dancer with some magicians. And then she fell in love…head over heels in love…but not with the magicians but with The Craft. She knew at that moment she I was hooked. She wanted to become a Magician!

4. Brian McGovern

Brian McGover is a magician who performs for both kids and grownups. He has been called “The Best New York City Magician” (according to his rabbit). As you may have guessed, Brian does comedy magic. His mission is to bring you the funniest magic show on earth to your next party in the New York area. Since David Copperfield’s fees to perform at your event will likely break the bank, McGovern offers himself up as the next best thing. He is also a father, so he has had to sit through many, many tedious kid shows at parties. So his goal is to not be that. And as an award winning prestidigitator, he can do world-class sleight of hand.

5. Gary Ferrar

Gary Ferrar is a magician who has performed for celebrities including Tom Brokaw, Ivanka Trump, Robert De Niro, and Michael Bloomberg. Ever since he  can remember, he has loved performing. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that his grandfather was a lion tamer who appeared on Johnny Carson. And since performing is in his blood, magic for him isn’t a break from regular life – it is regular life. From national television appearances to private lessons for celebrities, he has traveled all over the country doing what he loves

In Conclusion

As you can see, every Manhattan Magician has his or her own style. Magicians, like everything else in Manhattan, are different and varied. Are you a Manhattan Magician or fan of Manhattan Magicians? As we mentioned in the beginning, feel free to contact us via our Official Manhattan Magician Contact Form found here.

Harry Houdini: the Ultimate ArtisticPreneur

Harry Houdini the Ultimate ArtisticPreneur
Harry Houdini the Ultimate ArtisticPreneur

Harry Houdini’s primary residency was in the Harlem neighborhood of the Big Apple, making him likely the most famous Manhattan Magician who ever lived. He was an artist and an entrepreneur or to put it another way, he was an ArtisticPreneur – the ultimate ArtisticPreneur. He not only paid close attention to his art of magic but he also realized that to be successful he needed to focus on the marketing aspects of his creative career as well.

One of the ways that Houdini would bolster his publicity would be to escape from a straight jacket while hanging upside down in the middle of the town square of whatever city he was currently performing in. These publicity stunts would draw a large crowd and newspaper coverage, providing an opportunity to let others know that they could come see the escape artist live and in person at a local theater.

Houdini also paid attention to what people wanted to see. For example, early in his career he billed himself as the “King of Cards” which was an act he was doing with lukewarm response. But then when he began to do escapes in his shows, the escapes resonated with his audience. And through the suggestion of a booking agent Houdini decided to focus on escapology. Hence he became known as an escape artist.

Some believe that the reason that Houdini’s escapes were popular was because vicariously and metaphorically his fans would see the escapes as an affirmation that a person could escape from any problems she or he might face. Whatever the reason, Houdini brought his escape work up front and center by freeing himself from chains, large milk cans and even jail cells.

Houdini’s ArtisticPreneur orientation was ever present. He was proactive when it came to his creative career and created opportunities for himself rather than waiting for or hoping that others would do it for him. He knew that the promotional aspects of his creative career were in his charge.

Later in life, around 10 years prior to his early death at age 52, Houdini recognized the importance of the then burgeoning art form known as cinema and anticipated the very strong impact it would have on audiences. Ever the master marketer, he produced, acted in and promoted several films. Unfortunately, his film career was not successful at the time. But now in the present day Houdini’s movies are one of the ways we are able to learn more about this incredible showman. Some believe that had he lived longer, Houdini may have ultimately triumphed with his film ventures.

Toward the end of his life one of the missions that Houdini had was to debunk phony mediums and mystics by matching any of the acts of spiritualism that they would do. Houdini’s aim was to show that using the art form of magic he could do the same feats that so-called psychics did such as manifesting spirits in a dark room.

Ironically, even though he was somewhat cynical regarding most spiritualists, Houdini at the same time secretly held on to the idealistic notion that there might be some way of getting in touch with his beloved mother once she had passed away.

As another attempt at finding out if people could communicate with the dead, Houdini made a pact with his wife Bessie Houdini. The arrangement was to remember a phrase that would be kept only between the two of them. And after Houdini’s death Bessie contacted psychics hoping to find one that could channel Houdini’s spirit and utter the secret words. As we’ve mentioned before in this website, Bessie Houdini spent the last days of her life in a home within blocks of where we the editors of Manhattan Magician work.

And the death of one of the greatest Manhattan Magicians of all time – Harry Houdini – couldn’t have happened on a more opportune day in terms of marketing. His demise was on Halloween, 1926, the holiday known for ghosts and goblins. Even now many years after the escape artist’s passing, magicians gather annually in congregations all over the world on All Hallow’s Eve, October 31st. They hold seances in an attempt to reach Houdini’s spirit and find out if he is able to escape death.

Although no one has been able yet to manifest Mr. Houdini’s spirit, he is still very much alive in terms of interest from a global audience. This is a testament to the wonderful marketing abilities and artistry of this Manhattan Magician and ultimate ArtisticPreneur.

Make Money as a Magician

Magic is an Art Form

A recent blog entry on the site of our friends at NYC Create dealt with the issue of how to make money as an artist. And if you’ve read our About  page you probably got that we consider Magic to be an art form that is made up of several different art forms.

Therefore if you are a Manhattan Magician it is suggested that you check out this NYC Create article. At the bottom of the page of the link given is a bullet point list of different steps you can take to have a more profitable magic career. Enjoy!